Ventilation chimneys are intended to safely and aesthetically lead smoke ducts through the roof coverings above the roof. They are used for gravitational ventilation of functional attics, lofts, garages, sanitary installations and duct outlets of the centralized vacuum cleaner.

There are chimneys with a diameter of 110 mm and 150 mm, insulated and uninsulated, as well as with a mechanical ventilator when a huge airflow is required. They are intended for small rooms, especially bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, offices, etc. The chimney's diameter with a cross section of 150 mm is used to increase the ventilation system's capacity.

To meet the clients' expectations, WIRPLAST has equipped the products with a spirit level (WASSERWAGA), which has been builtin to the chimney to set the planes or straight lines vertically or horizontally. The spirit level brings many benefits to an experienced roofer, for instance: comfortable and shorter assembly time without additional people, as a result, an aesthetic appearance of the chimney on the roof. Therefore, we have many different roof adaptors from most manufacturers of metal tile sheets, trapezoidal sheet metals, flat metal products (standing seam), roof tiles, shingles, slates, etc.