Vapor-barrier foils 

The vapor-barrier foil is a material that protects the thermal insulation and roof structure against penetration of steam from living quarters. It is placed between the thermal insulation and finishing elements - most often plasterboards. It is a barrier for steam generated inside the building, thereby protecting wooden elements of the roof structure and thermal insulation against moisture. The vapor-barrier foil serves as an additional wind barrier - it prevents the loss of heat caused by free air circulation and roof penetration. 



membranes of high vapor-permeability 

EUROTOP roof membranes are the layers of initial coating which improve tightness of the roof covering. They solve problems related to the collection of liquefied steam in thermo insulation and roof structure. EUROTOP membranes can be used as a material of initial covering in sloping roofs - both in the case of the structure with a residential and unused attic spaces and external walls as a wind barrier. 


KF 96 foils of low vapor-permeability

KF foils of low vapor-permeability are used as the layers of initial covering in buildings with a utilized and unused attic space. Vapor-permeable foils are also suitable for wind barriers in the walls of buildings with a skeletal structure (wooden and metal). In buildings where functions and simple shapes of the roof do not require using roof membranes with high vapor-permeability, and at the same time, high durability and low material costs are important, foils of low vapor-permeability can be used.


Vapor-barrier foils

The vapor-barrier foil used in combination with EUROTOP highly vapor-permeable foils allows to maintain appropriate climatic conditions in residential attic spaces. 

The offer includes two types of vapor-barrier foils: Termofol 90 and EurotopActiv V110. Termofol 90 is a vapor-barrier foil with a reflective layer which protects against penetration of steam into the thermal insulation, and due to the presence of a thin layer of the aluminum layer, it reflects part of the heat from the attic. EurotopActiv V110 is an active vapor-barrier foil that enables the flow of steam into the inside and outside of the space within controlled ranges, which causes better drying of the roof. The Activ V110 foil can also be applied in the form of a wind barrier in ventilated walls, installed on the outer side.