Selecting the right roof


The selection of roof covering is an important matter, the roof should serve us for many years and meet all the assumptions which led us to our choice. The cost is equally important. The construction or replacement of a roof is a serious expense so the completed investment should meet all our expectations. One should also determine what is priority: aesthetics, durability or easy maintenance. The best advisor in terms of the properties of individual materials used for building the roof will be an experienced roofer.

Many people like to be impressed by aesthetics, which is why they want the roof to be the most beautiful; but its beauty is not only determined by the material used - it is also determined by how it matches the surroundings. Therefore, it is worth looking around and consulting with building supervision. If there are no formal limitations, you can decide yourself whether your house should go with the surroundings, or on the contrary, if you want it to stand out with an original design, unusual color or interesting profile line. In each of these cases the bedrock is a good design.

When you decide on what the body of the house will look like, make sure that the roof matches it. Currently, designers are racing in modern solutions, but perhaps you are a traditionalist? If you are, take this fact into account and ask an experienced specialist to choose the right roof so that its shape and color correspond with the entire design.

No less important is also the time that should be spent for maintaining the roof. The least burdensome type of roof covering is roof sheet tile. It is resistant to dirt and harmful atmospheric factors, and it is easy to clean. Steel used for the manufacture of roof sheet tiles is characterized by lightness and durability, so it is an ideal material for roof covering. When replacing a roof without dismantling the whole substructure, there is no need to check the load capacity of the structure in detail due to the lightness of the material.

Another issue worth considering when deciding on the roof type is its acoustic properties. Although no type of roof covering will ensure full soundproofing, there are materials that significantly improve the acoustic comfort in a house covered with them. Their quality is directly related to the thickness of insulation and the type of material. The best materials limit noise level up to 6 decibels, which has been measured and confirmed many times. To achieve such an effect, it is best to use metal sheet from underneath with specialist acoustic fabric.

The slope of the roof also significantly affects the selection of the material. The roof sheet tile is an extremely universal material but there are some limitations in its use, namely it cannot be used for entirely flat roofs and those with a small slope. Although rain water perfectly flows down the steel covering, and the appropriate design of the roof additionally facilitates getting rid of water, for roofs with a small slope it is much more difficult, and almost impossible in the case of entirely flat roofs; therefore we advise our clients against such a solution if they are not planning to build a sloping roof. So, the selection of roof covering must be adapted to its slope. An experienced roofer will easily choose the proper material and adjust the type of structure to the slope of the roof.

Before starting an investment you have probably wondered many times how much the roof could cost and how long the warranty is? Let's clarify what factors these numbers depend on.

Roofs differ by coating, shape, color and even the type of warranty. By choosing the highest quality and a roof optimally adjusted to your expectations, you will receive a product of perfect quality, which will not present any problems in the future, and thus no additional and unexpected costs will be generated.

The next factor affecting the final cost of the roof is the number of additional elements. It usually depends on the size of the roof, its concept, i.e. its inclination, total roof surface and several other factors, sometimes even formal and legal regulations. Accessories affecting the price of the roof are the already mentioned security features, such as catwalks, ladders, and also elements of the gutter system, snow barriers, and other flashings.

Installation as an element affecting the price of the roof - even in the case of small roofs, the installation cost may be an important item on the list of factors making up the final price of the roof. This happens because, in spite of the small amount of materials used, installation is sometimes time-consuming and requires great experience and special skills of roofers. Thus, labor costs translate into the price of the roof. It is worth noting the next aspect affecting the advantage of steel roofs, they are installed significantly faster than roofs made in traditional technology. The same roof surface will be covered much faster with metal sheet than with ceramic roof tiles.

The next factor that affects the roof price is its shape and type of structure. Replacement of the roof is unfortunately sometimes associated with the need to replace the whole structure on which the new roofing is to be based on. Additionally, you should take into account that houses where attics have bay windows and additionally there are several chimneys, will require more work during the replacement of roofs. Works are also made difficult if the roof is steep as large slopes require greater caution.

If you are thinking about installing the roof on your own, you should remember that although it will definitely be a cheaper solution, it increases the risk of defects. Laying a roof correctly can be very challenging. Think about if it is worth taking such a risk. An experienced team will build the roof quickly and efficiently. The roofers employed in a specialist company that is installing your roof should have many years of experience, even in the performance of unusual investments, which require high concentration and ingenuity. It is also good if the company has all the necessary tools, and it insures its employees for accidents at work. A roofer should provide a warranty for the work performed.

Many companies offer roof systems allowing self-installation by clients. What you choose depends only on you but, to make the decision easier, talk to an experienced roofer who has appropriate knowledge.

What should you pay attention to when choosing materials? Above all, compare them thoroughly, it is best to follow the instructions of the specialist but also use common sense. Consider the properties and purpose of certain materials and think about matters like total cost, warranty from the seller as well as the roofer installing the roof coating. Do not forget that later exploitation of the roof also affects its cost, so you should take into account long-term expenses which may occur.