You have several options when deciding to replace a roof.

The first is buying a ready package which includes roof tiles and all remaining elements that are needed to perform a durable and aesthetic roof, i.e.::

  • flashing
  • sealing
  • roof pass-through
  • screws and other fixing elements
  • safety features (catwalks, ladders, protection against snow)
  • elements composing the gutter system.

The second option is purchasing selected elements of roof structure and composing an individual set, optimal in terms of meeting the client's expectations and technical requirements.

Our experienced employees are able to advise at the stage of designing the roof. They will be happy to provide advice both by phone and in person.

Purchasing a roof includes several steps:

  • investment planning,
  • concluding an agreement with a roofing company and ordering a roof,
  • installation and finishing works.

Investment planning

If you are in the process of building a house, you can decide what materials to use yourself, so that the roof covering meets your requirements and needs. Specify your expectations at the designing stage or when selecting a ready design. Think over not only the selection of materials used for covering the roof but also accessories, such as gutter systems and safety features, which include catwalks, ladders, protection against snow.
If you have not yet signed an agreement with a company that will install the roof, determine also the installation of the above mentioned accessories and elements within the basic works.

Concluding an agreement

Roof replacement is a serious investment, so it's not an easy decision. A good plan is key, which means well thought-out investment and selection of materials that meets your requirements and needs as well as taste and financial possibilities.
If you already know how much you can spend on replacing the roof and what you expect from the new structure, go to a specialist who will familiarize you with the technical data and select the optimal materials with the right parameters, adjusted to the requirements you have specified. You need to decide on what you want most - an attractive look of the roof, its problem-free exploitation, durability or perhaps originality? All these requirements can often be combined but it is followed by higher cost. A professional will look after the highest standard and also select the materials keeping within the budget that you have.
If you already know what you want in technical terms, think about what color suits you. It is worth checking whether there are formal restrictions in your area. We have already described how to do this, the easiest way is to commission a roof designer or ask the inspectorate of building supervision. We offer a rich palette of sheet shades. At the same, each product has information about its warranty as well as the available colors.
Ask for an accurate valuation of the design and note which elements are the most cost-intensive. Perhaps you will save a lot by slightly modifying your initial assumptions? Before you decide to buy, let the employees perform such a costs analysis. The data you have to provide are the size of the roof (surface), angle of inclination and your main requirements regarding materials. When estimating the costs of the roof, detailed dimensions and plans or technical drawings may be the most useful.

If you are only renovating a roof, you are slightly limited, but here we are also able to guarantee full satisfaction with a roof purchased from us. We will also be happy to advise what to pay attention to when selecting a good roofer. If you entrust the installation of the roof to a reputable company and you conclude an appropriate agreement, you won't have to worry about timely completion of works. Roof replacement will take place in a professional manner, smoothly and in accordance with the schedule, plus the roof will be covered by a favorable warranty system.
Now you are ready to order the roof. We will be pleased to accompany you and serve you with advice at each stage.

Installation of the roof

Like the cost of needed materials, the time necessary to install them depends on the roof’s size and shape. The condition of the substructure is significant. If it turns out that it is in a bad state and must be replaced, the duration of the project may be greatly extended. The level of complexity and required time depend also on the number of attic windows, chimneys and polylines in the roof’s shape. However, we may say that the average, uncomplicated steel roof can be installed within one week. Installation works on a more complex structure take about two weeks.
The installation itself consists of several stages. Their number depends on whether the roof is being created on a newly-built house or replaced on an already existing building.
When replacing the roof, the first stage is to remove the previous one. Then, the condition of the structure must be assessed and necessary repairs must be done. If the support structure is in poor technical condition, it may have to be replaced entirely. Afterwards, we move on to primary works, which is the installation of roof sheet tiles together with necessary elements such as flashings, seals and transitions. Roof windows are also inserted at this stage. Final works include the installation of the gutter system and roof safety elements such as the aforementioned snow covers, ladders and toe holds. The last stage is to clean the completed roof and to put it into service.
Always take safety rules seriously. When hiring a tested company you can be sure that safety will be very important to them. Make sure that the construction site is kept clean and that OSH rules are observed. If you choose to install any of the elements yourself, like the gutter system, roof safety elements or trapezoidal sheet metal, pay attention to the installation method – avoid accidents at work that have dangerous consequences. The best way is to use caution and proper means of protection.
Also remember about the safety of children who will be in the vicinity of the house. For their safety and your own peace of mind, immediately after completing works, remove objects from the construction site that may draw children’s attention, such as steel swarf, pieces of sheet metal and pipes, as well as other items that have not been used during construction works. Waste and scraps of metal can cause a dangerous accident for children, and pose a real threat if stored near the house without proper protection.