Roof renovation, replacement

When considering replacement of the roof, we are often unsure about the purpose of such a major renovation of the building. To make your decision easier, answer a few questions; the most important of them concern safety.

- is the roof dangerous, can it lead to an accident?

The roof poses a danger

There are several reasons causing that the roof may pose a danger. The most obvious is a lack of proper protection devices. As it has already been mentioned, the roof should be equipped with ladders and catwalks as well as barriers protecting against uncontrolled falling of snow. Other, less obvious reasons causing danger is the use of hazardous materials. A few decades ago, the roof covering that was very popular was made up of materials containing asbestos. As we know, asbestos fibers are very harmful for human health, they are released when the roof covering is in bad technical condition and during its improper replacement. For safety reasons, it is recommended to replace roofs made of materials containing asbestos, but it should be done by a company that complies with all safety standards and has experience in this. It is also worth checking if it is possible to obtain financial support from the community within the scope of removing hazardous materials.
If the roof does not contain asbestos elements, but it directly threatens safety, for instance ladders or catwalks are loose, corroded, poorly attached, they should also be taken care of.

- does the roof protect properly against atmospheric conditions?

Roof is untight, leaking

Especially old roofs happen to leak. The first signal is usually the appearance of leaks or other damages on the substructure or on the walls. In this case the replacement or renovation of the roof should not be put off. Immediate replacement is necessary because more rain will make the whole structure deteriorate. It may turn out that the leaking roof is not to blame, but it is related to a defect in the gutter system.
The cause will be identified quickly by a specialist, and inspections of the roof should be performed at regular intervals. Only then is it possible to detect damages, missing screws or defects in flashing elements in time. Controlling the state of ventilation is just as important as it will allow to protect the house against humidity and consequently against the growth of mold.

- does the roof's insulation require repairing or must it be done from scratch?

Repairing insulation is necessary

Done properly, it primarily affects the thermal comfort of those living in the house, but it is also reflected in the heating bills. It allows optimal energy expenditure needed for heating the house, and for air conditioning in the summer.
It is easiest to detect defects of installation in the winter. Besides the obvious things such as low temperatures despite an efficient heating system, there are also less obvious symptoms. One of them icicles forming when there is no ice sheet on the roof.
Once you have decided to repair the insulation, the most economic solution is to combine it with a comprehensive renovation of the roof.

- is the roof dirty or does it require renovation due to aesthetics?

Renovation and cleaning of the roof is necessary

If you would like to refresh the look of the house, visually rejuvenate it and increase its market value, replacing the roof is the best solution, especially because from a technical point of view it also has practical advantages (as described above).
Over time, the color of the roof may become pale due to the effect of sunlight and rainfall, atmospheric conditions are partly responsible for rust. A specialist is able to advise whether cleaning and painting the roof will help, perhaps such small renovation works will significantly improve the roof's appearance. However, one should take into account that a dull appearance may go hand in hand with more serious damages. Faults in the structure indicate the need to replace the roof.
Remember about regular inspections of the roof and removal of dirt. Steel roofs have a huge advantage over bituminous or concrete roof covering, because they are much more resistant to mosses and other impurities. Even if dirt is found during such inspections, it is easy to remove by simply washing the roof.
We recommend performing inspections twice a year and systematically removing defects or dirt, which will let you avoid the accumulation of problems with the roof and consequences in the form of large and costly defects. In other words, the well-known statement “Prevention is better than cure”, of course regarding serious repairs, and often even the replacement of entire roof structures.

Replacing a roof with a steel roof is possible when:

  • roofs are made of bitumen roofing paper
  • roofs with a seam that have been produced mechanically
  • roofs are covered with traditional roof tile
  • roofs are made of gont
  • roofs are made of asbestos (eternit)